Sep 8, 2019 - Set List


Teaching Passage: Romans 5:1-11

The Joy of Justification


Exulting in the Glory (v. 1-2)

  1. Peace with God (v.1)

  2. Access into Grace (v.2)

  3. Hope of the glory of God (v.2)

Exulting in Tribulations (v. 3-10)

A. Rejoicing for the guaranteed benefits (v.3-5):

  1. Tribulation brings perseverance (v.3b)

  2. It brings proven character (v.4a)

  3. Hope that does not disappoint (v. 4b, 5)

B. Rejoicing for the guaranteed salvation (v.6-10)

Exulting in God (v. 11)

Set List:

Before the Throne of God Above
The King of Love my Shepherd Is
Joyful in Jesus
Living Hope
I Give Up
Take My Life