Worship: 9:30 am
Children are welcome in the service. (Nursery is available for infants to 3-years-old.)
The Lord’s Supper is observed every week.

Fellowship: 10:40 am

Discipleship Classes: 11:10 am
We have classes available for all ages. (Nursery: Infant to 2 years old, Covenant Kids ( 2 years old to 5th grade), Junior High Classes, Senior High Classes, Sixth grade to Adult Classes). To see the list of current Discipleship Classes, click here to view our monthly newsletter, which has the list of current classes.

You'll find us at 301 Simpson Road, Anderson, SC 29621


New Covenant School is a K-12 Christian institution of foundational learning assisting parents in the biblical discipline and training of their children. Recognizing that all knowledge comes from God alone, we are committed to integrating His truth revealed in Scripture into every aspect of the school providing a rigorous, quality academic program training children to think biblically about every area of life. The mission of New Covenant School is best exemplified in the motto “Presenting every student complete in Christ” (Colossians 1:28). 

For more detailed information on New Covenant School, visit their website at www.newcovschool.net

Contact Information:
Email: school@ncchurch.net
Phone: 864-224-5675
Address: 303 Simpson Rd., Anderson, SC 29621

New Covenant School Staff:
Joe Canney, Headmaster (canney@ncchurch.net)
Angie Lopez, Administrative Assistant (school@ncchurch.net)
Bailey Rountree, Preschool Director (preschool@ncchurch.net)

About New Covenant School

Theoretically Christian Schools do something that no other schools do: They teach students how to view the world God’s way. This means more than just chapel, Bible class, and prayer to begin the day. Grounded in the absolute authority of the Bible, New Covenant School provides an education that bathes every subject in a Biblical worldview. 

We integrate what the Bible teaches about reality into every area of life, including work, entertainment, social experiences, family relationships, and especially education. History is the record of God’s involvement in time. Science is the study of the composition and patterns of the universe, created and held together by God himself. Language and literature are among the most precious gifts of communication and creative expression bestowed by our Creator. Mathematics is dependent in every way upon the absoluteness and orderliness of God Almighty. In order for any education to possess truth and integrity, it must interpret academic facts according to God’s point of view. Apart from Christ and His Word, the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom will ultimately be fruitless and empty. 
New Covenant School exists primarily to serve the member-ministers of New Covenant Church . In accordance with the vision and mission of our Church, New Covenant School provides an education consistent with what children are taught at home, in Sunday School and Worship Services. Using time-tested catechism and confessional instruction, our children are given solid knowledge and deep understanding of the Reformed Faith. 
Students are equipped to think and to witness the Gospel through word and deed. They are able to defend their Faith and stand for Truth in an unbelieving and antagonistic world. Students develop an understanding of God’s Cultural Mandate to engage this world in every way, influencing it for His glory. 
Classical education is significantly different in three ways: 

  1. Classical education focuses on mastery of core academic subjects. Academic laziness has made it possible for students to complete high school without being challenged to master the basics. New Covenant School focuses on Reading , Writing, and Arithmetic in the early years. Students expand this as they move toward our college preparatory program. There they will take all they need to get into the best colleges, while keeping a narrow focus on subjects that will best prepare them for life. 
  2. Classical Education focuses on developing excellent reasoning skills. Many schools are more interested in developing a uniform society than individual achievement; however, we train students to think for themselves. Instead of being “tossed about by every wind of doctrine,” our students will know why and what they believe. They will impact society rather than being impacted by it. 
  3. Classical education focuses on effective communication. Our students will know how to use language effectively when both writing and speaking. They will persuade others and articulate a Biblical world and life view.