Sep 22, 2019 - Set List

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Teaching Passage: Romans 6:1-14

Flying United


  1. No, to continuing in sin (v. 1, 2)

    • Not that we died to the desire of sin.

    • Not that we died to the pressure of sin.

    • Not that we died to the penalty of sin.

    • We have died to the rule of sin.

    • Yes, to living united to Christ (v. 3-11)

  2. If we are united to Christ then our sin should be:

    • crucified (killed, mortified)

    • buried (put away), that we would be

    • raised to walk in a new life (a resurrection life)

  3. Presenting ourselves to God as those under grace (v. 12-14)

Set List:

Lord Most High
O Worship the King
God, You’re So Good
King of Glory
A Mighty Fortress is our God
What a Beautiful Name
May the Mind/Holy, Holy, Holy