Oct 13, 2019 - Set List

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Teaching Passage: Romans 7:14-25

The Enemy of Indwelling Sin


Conflicting Passions (v.14-20)

Conflicting Principles (v.21-23)

Conflict Prayer (v.24-25)

Concluding Principles

  1. We will not destroy sin on our own no matter how much we want to.

  2. We would be unwise to ignore our sin nature, we must engage it.

  3. Pray the prayer of Ps. 139:23 with regularity to be killing sin.

  4. Be diligent to watch and pray to seriously squash sin (Matt. 26:41).

  5. Be proactive against sin by treasuring the law of God more (v.16, 22, 25).

Set List:

The Lion and the Lamb
God is For Us
Jesus, I Come (Out of My Bondage)
O Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer
And Can It Be