Sep 8, 2019 - Set List


Teaching Passage: Romans 5:1-11

The Joy of Justification


Exulting in the Glory (v. 1-2)

  1. Peace with God (v.1)

  2. Access into Grace (v.2)

  3. Hope of the glory of God (v.2)

Exulting in Tribulations (v. 3-10)

A. Rejoicing for the guaranteed benefits (v.3-5):

  1. Tribulation brings perseverance (v.3b)

  2. It brings proven character (v.4a)

  3. Hope that does not disappoint (v. 4b, 5)

B. Rejoicing for the guaranteed salvation (v.6-10)

Exulting in God (v. 11)

Set List:

Before the Throne of God Above
The King of Love my Shepherd Is
Joyful in Jesus
Living Hope
I Give Up
Take My Life

Aug 4, 2019 - Set List


Teaching Passage: Romans 4:19-21

Strengthening Our Faith


  1. Problems must be addressed

  2. Promises must be addressed

  3. Praise of God must be routine

    Action Steps

    1. Faith maturity depends upon comprehending divine character.

    2. Salvation is the same for all: being born anew from death.

    3. Salvation is not secure unless entirely by divine grace.

    4. Saving faith endures strong regardless of obstacles.

    5. Unbelief is the most serious sin.

    6. The gospel is the same for all ages and nations.

Set List:

Glory to God Forever
God is For Us
It Is Well With My Soul
All Glory Be To Christ
The Doxology
Grace Alone